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Life is short.

There are some of us that know this more than others. There are some of us who understand that the world revolves around so much more than just what we think and feel is important. The world is vast and we have a tiny amount of time, amidst a sea of others, to live our short span with some form of meaning.

Emma Watson gave a speech at the U.N. that resonated with me, especially when she said, “If not me, than who? If not now, then when?”

I have the drive to do more with my life than just settle in my bubble and be comfortable. We have the ability to reach out and touch lives through our words and actions. We have the ability to change the world, one person at a time – but it requires we open ourselves up to others and that…

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Don’t read back on your own personal blog, k? K.

How’s that for a title?  Truthfully life’s a little like that title, looking backwards is just going to get you headache and maybe heartache, maybe.

Jumping topics, I took my blood pressure just now and guess what?!?  it was 145 over 100, with a pulse of 85, resting and sitting here, with nothing going on, and no conscious pressures that I am experiencing except the stress of submitting that first assignment.

And jump again, I set up the kids breakfast, and though that I should try something a little more healthy that sugared cereal.  So I made toast and eggs fried without anything in/on them (non-stick pan, so even the butter in the pan was missing), and I put it on the table, and was promptly asked by the older two, ‘where’s mine?”  so as my eggs sat cooling into rubber, I cooked them some, with toast because they roll like that.  Now, as I finish up plating their eggs, the youngest who’s said all along that he’s not interested in eating any more food, sits down and starts to eat my plate of eggs, without so much as a by your leave.  So breakfast this morning is a slab of homemade whole wheat toast with peanut butter, and black decaf coffee, and likely a chunk of left over porkchop from a dinner  a couple of nights ago.

Now, back to topic, since I got that off my chest, this blog as been far too ranty and whiney lately, and I’m going to see what I can do about cleaning that up, there’s enough depressing shit in this world, I don’t need to add to it.  But for now, I have weight to lose, weights to lift, and an assignment to study/prepare for submission for Tuesday.  While the kids are distracted however, I’ve got exercise to do.

Cheers and DFTBA.

*PS.  Who the fuck am I anymore?  if you have an answer please let me know, I seem to have lost myself of late.

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Goodnight Moon

2014-09-09 21.11.10

A picture of a full moon, taken with a cellphone.  Not the best picture I’ve ever taken.


Anyhow, tonight is the beginning of a new phase of my life for now. I’ve deactivated the Book of Face as well as various other social connection type sites for the sake of marital harmony…  I am not sure at this point what to do .  It’s late, I”m tired, and tomorrow is going to start in like six hours, so following my own advice here, I think it’s time for me to go to bed, even if I don’t feel welcome there right now.  I’m so tired of being her default target, and so tired of living this life like nobody gives a shit if I’m still breathing, so long as the money’s flowing and the chores get done.

Anyhow, just for sake of simplicity, if you’ve noted me missing on Tumblr, Book of Face, or Fitocracy, well, I”m no there anymore.  Cheers.  now to go drown my sorrows in a vat of Meade.  Goodnight moon.

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Aww crap, where do I start (*indulgent rant forthcoming, please disregard*)

Today is one of those days, when it’s maddening to even crawl out from under my rock, and be forewarned, this is not a productive post, it’s a ramble that I need to get out before I can start actually getting some work done today.


First, a picture, 


See the pretty truck?  Disregard the camper, I gave it away, three kids (coming up on 4) and two adults, not enough space in said camper.  anybody know of a good 20′ camping trailer for sale for cheap?

Anyhow, now for a number  $2,500.00<<<<<< that’s how much it will cost to fix what’s actually wrong with said truck. This is in addition to the other bills we’re slogging through getting paid down …  so yeah.. urg… gah!  The bearings in the front wheels are shot (260/per unit) and all the u-joints are gone ($50/each) and the track bars and the break assembly’s and the … yeah the list goes on.  and without another option it’s a given that it all needs cleared up.  so guess what?  I need to get it fixed and figure out how to pay for it all.  The joys of living in the mountains and actually living ‘up the side of one of said mountains’ is needing the truck, for firewood, and other such issues.  

Anyhow, I’ve got a speech to write, so that it’s ready for this evening, and my lady wife is handling the children today, it’s going to be one of those days where I feel that the effort of crawling out from under the rock wasn’t worth it.

But tomorrow will be amazing, right?!?  RIGHT!  Until tomorrow my awesome people, if people you be, or aliens, or ethereal spirits, or quasi-sentient self aware replicating machines, or whatever…  Until tomorrow.  




Oh, and DFTBA.


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Guess what I did last night?

This is a loaded question, naturally.  I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t out of the norm, and maybe interesting, but again, why do I ask at all?  Mostly because talking to myself seems vain, so I blog instead.

Yestereday’s post, with pictures was accurate, up until about three in the afternoon.  I did the run thing, the juice thing, the coming to terms with having a pregnant wife again, and then I took her out to lunch after she was done work.  Everything’s normal so far right?


But this morning I wake up with the hangover from hell, thinking to myself, ‘what the hell did I do last night?’  Turns out it’s not as exciting as you might think.  See when we ended up at my mother’s last night with all the kids, it was because she had an emergency piano moving to be done.  Some backstory is in order here.

See, about a year ago now, my mom was asked if she knew anybody who wanted an ‘upright grand piano’ since it was supposed to be going to the granddaughter but said young lady wasn’t interested in moving such a behemoth, and it had been sitting in ‘the basement’ for years at this point.  Short version of this story is that mom decided she’d love to have a piano in her house, she’d get it restored and play it and life would be good.

Then the other daughter who’d moved across the country decided that the piano had been wrongfully disposed of, and made a big stink, so my mom, being who she is, said simply, ‘fine, you want it back, come and get it…’  Then she proceeded to locate a new piano since she’d come to enjoy it’s presence.  She found one at the church just around the corner from her, and it is to be delivered this morning.  The claimants of the previous piano were supposed to have moved the previous one out by this point.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.  It still sat in the living room, and time was not only running out, but had fled completely.  Yesterday afternoon, for two hours with one piano dolly (big heavy wheeled platform built for moving piano’s) and one middle aged guy (me) a piano was moved.  Damn it hurt, but I managed it without more than a good sweat as a result.

Then, in payment, I snagged a beer from the fridge, got the kids home and fed and into bed where I proceeded to sip half a beer while reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire to them.  Half a beer.  Remember that part.  I am 260 lbs, give or take, and reasonably healthy, and after half a beer, I woke the next morning with the hangover from hell, reminiscent of when I last went on a tequila bender…  Damn it sucks getting older.  But on the bright side, I can still drink whiskey like it’s water…  so life’s not all bad, just have to buy better booze.  Cheers for now, have to go feed Chaos, Mayhem and Disorder, then supervise the installation of mom’s new piano.  See y’all later.  Dan.

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New Beginnings and other crap.

Wow.  Dead around here isn’t it?

Anyhow, here’s a bit of an update, quickly and simply, with pictures, if I can find them…

First I couldn’t sleep last night, and ended up tossing and turning until about midnight, when I finally gave up and got up, pulled up netflix and started looking for something to watch…  I ended up watching this…

Then I get up this morning to this news…


yep, gonna be a dad again...  wonder how that happened?

yep, gonna be a dad again… wonder how that happened?

Then with the kids over a grandmas and my beautiful wife gone to work I’m staring at an empty screen, and empty house and generally just feeling empty…

so I went for a run, the first one in a very long time, and it felt good, I felt like crap but the run went good.  Here’s the runkeeper screenshot

2014-09-05 11.51.32

Then came back and had one of these


Cucumber, with 1 apple, and 1 carrot, need to add some spinach or kale to round out the flavour tho’.

Anyhow, now I’m off to sand some drywall, and R&R the dishwasher, by which time my lovely wife should be home and I should probably go get my kids….


but for now, take care friends and God Bless you, all of you.




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Checking in from the flip side of 2014…

Holy crap, it’s been how long since I posted last?  I’m sitting here, it’s Sunday morning, and I’m nursing a caffeine withdrawal and hangover type feeling. Which is stupid because I had ONE beer, at about three yesterday afternoon.

Anyhow just finished the e-book I was reading, and man, it rocked.  Not quite the same story as I was looking at from the prequel but…  Still, fast paced, with interwoven humor and lots of action written in Cordova’s signature smooth and easy style.  Here’s the Canadian Amazon link to it and the additional one as well…

Murder World : Kaiju Dawn

And the US Version Murder World : Kaiju Dawn

And here’s the second one, the one I just finished…

Murder World : Kaiju Apocalypse

And the US Version  Murder World : Kaiju Apocalypse


Enjoy, and gotta run, too much to do today, starting with the danged grass needing cut. Even though the world’s ending (in a book) I still have to wash the dishes, fold laundry and cut the grass.

Cheers humans, and keep on being more awesome.



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