Checking in from the flip side of 2014…

Holy crap, it’s been how long since I posted last?  I’m sitting here, it’s Sunday morning, and I’m nursing a caffeine withdrawal and hangover type feeling. Which is stupid because I had ONE beer, at about three yesterday afternoon.

Anyhow just finished the e-book I was reading, and man, it rocked.  Not quite the same story as I was looking at from the prequel but…  Still, fast paced, with interwoven humor and lots of action written in Cordova’s signature smooth and easy style.  Here’s the Canadian Amazon link to it and the additional one as well…

Murder World : Kaiju Dawn

And the US Version Murder World : Kaiju Dawn

And here’s the second one, the one I just finished…

Murder World : Kaiju Apocalypse

And the US Version  Murder World : Kaiju Apocalypse


Enjoy, and gotta run, too much to do today, starting with the danged grass needing cut. Even though the world’s ending (in a book) I still have to wash the dishes, fold laundry and cut the grass.

Cheers humans, and keep on being more awesome.



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Heya hoomins…

I’m feeling like a cat, wanting to curl back up and stay warm under the blanket.

What’s I got’s to do?

Oh, filework, bookkeeping, tech repairs, that kind of stuff, and naturally, it’s all due yesterday.

Ah screw it.  I guess it’s just life, so here’s a video to that effect.  If it’s not playing, just paste it to the browserbar, I’m too tired today to figure it out.


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Tumblr, Popularity, and the vagaries of approaching Old.

Heya, been a while since I tried to blog most anything anywhere.  Oh, I get started on a good daily streak, or even a regular weekly streak, and it all runs sideways, then it crashes entirely while I go off on another manic and capricious tangent. Lately I can either sit and blog or head out and exercise…  guess what I’ve been doing?  


So as I sit here waiting for a connection to show up and drop of the materials I need in order to do the work I have to do for said connection I thought I’d try to lay out the thoughts that were bugging me as I tried to peel the sticky sweat soaked clothing off my rather overly large body and climb into a blessedly cool shower to sluice off some of the unpleasantness that I was feeling after my attempted run last night.  

See, as I came back into range, my Samsung Galaxy Note re-linked to the home wireless (not going to have it connected to cell data net here, waaayyy too expensive!), and started uploading the Runkeeper data to their servers where it linked over to the Fitocracy site.. and then updated everything and sent the workout link to my tumblr log… 

The exasperating part of all this is that while I’m totally out of the zone and just feeling hot, yucky and uncomfortable, my smartphone starts pinging like crazy with notifications of new emails and new notifications…  in the time it took me to peel a tee-shirt off I had apparently gained a couple dozen new followers?  So Hi!  and thanks for following…..  but….  why? 

To set the record absolutely straight, here’s a picture of me last night, 


That’s it.  that’s as good as it gets, and for all the angels in heaven I can’t figure out what my wife see’s in me but I appreciate like hell that she sees it.  I’m not old yet, but I can see the gates.  At 37 years old, the top of the hill is only a few years off.  But back to the topic I was actually trying to make a point on.  I got through with my shower despite the phone going haywire, and then took this picture, because hey, vanity, and I suppose tracking of some sort.  Then I started to look into what all the notifications were about.  Ok, new tumblr followers… cool.  wait?  25+  huh?  what the hell?  ok, look deeper…  umm.. uncomfortable…  and feeling confused as crap..  






Was a Fitblr..  not only that, but every single one of them was a twenty something (or maybe younger) female fitblr…  

Question.  Why the hell are 20 something women following my tumblr blog that is basically nothing more than a feed from Fitocracy?

That was the First question. The second question was why wasn’t I thrilled by this?  It scared the hell outta me, and make me uncomfortable.  Like maybe I was coming across as something other than an older fat guy trying to fight the uphill battle of the bulge…

In reviewing what’s already up in various places, nope, I’m still who I think I am, a solidly (usually happily) married guy approaching forty, with three kids at home and a fourth child living with my ex-wife, who’s literally two steps above the most boring job in the world (to most, I find it fascinating, but I’m odd). So, why the discomfort?  I realized I don’t want to be the focus of many who are at least ten years my junior and of the opposite sex.  I’m basically an introvert looking to be noticed and appreciated by the one I am married to, and to be a superhero of the everyday variety to my kids, role-modeling what it is to be a good man and a good father…  (man do I have a long way to go on that front, but I’m trying).  

Anyhow, this has rambled on long enough, so I’ll leave off and get back to work here.

DFTBA and God Bless.  I’ve got a playgroup to get to with my youngest and then home to work.



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Awww Hell, It’s Saturday.

Yeah, I know, Saturday’s are our notional day off for the week, but in reality, for the working father with the ambitious wife on the go, Saturday’s are the day to ‘get all that other stuff done’ around the house.


So as I sit here, on a Saturday morning at 8 am, thinking fondly of fondling my wi..  … wait, different train of thought.  Thinking fondly of a nice cuppa coffee, I’ve already re-settled the youngest of the brood, and the garbage bags are all out for pickup, and I’ve gotten a handle (kinda) on the dishes that need done once I can start making some noise, and I’ve even managed to get the bills kinda addressed, somewhat anyhow, you know how it is, a dollar short and a day late and all that jazz.

So, there are a few projects I have around here that I wanted to address before the snow flies this year.  The buttoning up of the exterior before winter is a good place to start, as is the armouring (I’m in the middle of making a shield boss for my new round shield) and I need to finish off a helm as well if I can get the time to do it.  I think I’ll go and start by looking for the plastic I’m going to need for doing the kitchen ceiling, and then oh heck I don’t know.  I might be back later if I can find the time.  I just overheard that I’m supposed to be taking the kids to a birthday party this afternoon, so that’s scratched, unless I can take some of the work with me to do.  Anyhow, until later.  Cheers.

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Update, Reconciliation, what have you…

Hi there.

You know what?  Stress buggers all kinds of things up.  This month has been one of those months where Friday feels like Monday and I go back to work to recover from being at home.  Know what I mean?  Then at work it’s been upgrading, and new employees, and new hardware, and new software, and new processes,

Then to top it off, there’s the issues with getting my incredibly hot and talented wife through all the right hoops to let her get back into school and finish the program she started, and the middle boy is at the top end of four, meaning he’s a little bit moody some of the time, the rest of the time he’s worse.

I know this is not correct writing, the comma splices are brutal, and run on sentences are even worse, but the truth is that I am tired, it’s about two in the morning, and my boy is making sounds like he’s going to wake up soon.

Anyhow, I’m apparently not really certain where I wanted this to go, but the fact is I”m here, I’m busy and I’ve got some cleaning up do to in the near future concerning writing, recovery and general rant blogs as well as Facebook pages and other general things…  I’ll probably mull it all over tomorrow and try to come up with a resolution of sorts, eventually.  Maybe.  Kinda.


Specifically I have to figure out how to continue with the daily inspirational blog, while determining where I want to go with a writing blog, since I can either be writing stories, or writing a blog, and there’s only so much time in a day…  *sigh*  Wish me luck will you.  Thanks.  Dan.


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Multi-tasking is a crock! Or is it?

Personally I have many opinions on this and other topics but if I try to tell you about them all at the same time, it’s just going to come out jumbled, like an addict on speed.

See, I’ve recently hit a wall in work and life. Up until now I could plug in my headphones, crank some various tunes (depending on my mood and my needs) and just pretend that I was being productive with five or six programs open and active, but the truth was that I was just slogging through, trying to complete something, anything, and desperately trying to justify what I wasn’t getting done.

Today was a waste, I spent all day doing redundant technical and grunt work around the office, moving systems, fixing systems, that kind of thing; and it drove me nuts to be not doing much of anything at all that can be charged out at anything resembling a reasonable rate.

Truthfully however, I just want to feel, at the end of the day, that I’ve earned the money I get to take home.  And in multitasking I don’t ever feel that way. It’s frustrating to say the least.

I know some people can do very well with multitasking, but  I suppose I’m not one of them, I really thought I was for a while, but it turns out that I may be wrong.

On a positive note, I’ve figured out the basic process of getting books online and ready for sale via E-Book marketing, which is awesome, so yay me.

Now, which book to start with?  I’ll leave it up in the air, I’ll periodically post the first chapter of the one’s I have ready to work on, and y’all can choose from there, fair enough?

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Yep, it’s camp time again, as well as being a good time for me to do ‘some other stuff’ but I can’t talk too much about it yet, since I don’t quite want to be held accountable for my indiscretions.

Did that make you wonder?

Anyhow, I’m in the middle of picking up a story line that I made notes on, in order to do the Camp-NaNoWriMo thing again. Why oh Why do I do this to myself?


Off to get back to work.  Later all.




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