Today's tone of operations

God is Great…

Beer is Good…

and People are Crazy


That is all, have to get back to work, people are crazy…




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Hi, sorry about this, but when something leaves me chuckling out loud for several minutes..


Maybe it’s just my odd sense of humor, but in my day job I’m the technical support for the whole dang company, and it’s not an easy job some days (the last few have been even worse)

Thus, after installing a brand spanking new e-mail server system last week, then fighting it out with the “glitches” and unforseen errors, this comic struck me as funny as all hell.


If you want, the whole Kevin and Kell Series starts here :

and the most recent one is here…

Enjoy, but I warn you, I really really warn you, there’s a good chance that you will lose valuable hours of your life to this…

Anyhow back to work.


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The Watchmen

Tonight, I finally finished watching “The Watchmen”

Where’s a link to the movies details?  Ahh.. Here

Now, naturally I’m not going to go into the dark and dismal routine of summarizing the plot, highlighting the bits etc ad nauseum..

What I do want to do is say something about the movie itself…

I liked it. Not unqualified, but it wasn’t bad.  Having said that, I’d not recommend it to anybody who’s squeamish at all.  It’s dark and gory, the director highlighted this aspect, and I think he was going for a “noire effect”, dark and dangerous, gritty, and realistic, which it seems he got…  nothing of the real nature of the viciousness of these heroes and criminals is sacrificed to sanitize the movie.

So, since I don’t usually like films of this type, why did I like this one?  A tricky question to answer really, the short answer is that I was ignoring the overly gratuitous blood and gore factor, and concentrating on both the story and the character arcs.  I do enjoy that the creator/writer and the director have gone to great lengths to give these guys real lives, real human responses.  Heck, one of the character arcs was based on the character’s human or inhuman emotions and impulses..

All in all, it was a pretty good story, there were no really unusual or unexpected twists, in that aspect it was like getting your favorite snack from the store, nothing unexpected, but it was well done.

So, yeah, less gore would have been good.  It’s definitely not for the young or faint of stomach, but if you can look past that, the story is worth the entertainment value…

Just my two cents.

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The beginnings of a story.

Hello, on some odd days, I have no opinion, but Zenn’s percolating a great one, I just wish he’d tell me what it is.

So, for today’s post, I’m cheating by copying the one I’ve got for the writing site.

This was supposed to be a flash fiction story, but as I wrote it I realized that it’s in fact going to be an urban fantasy novel… now just to find the time to write it…


Ireland! Brand flung his duffle across the room, barely hitting the bed in his frustration. He knew his dad had been downsized last month, and this inheritance left by an uncle he’d never heard of was supposed to be a blessing for his family. But he had just started to come out of his shell. He had just made starting string on the rugby team back in Canada, all his friends were there, he’d even caught the eye of Kellie, and now this! Ireland!

His mother had dropped him off at the old house andheaded back to townto pick up a bottle of milk, some bread, just a couple of staples to hold them until they could take stock and settle in she said. He shrugged, thinking he might as well make the best of a bad situation, and he started exploring the rambling structure.

As he moved from room to room, heading up stairs and down passages at random, he soon realized he had no idea where he was. Judging by the ache in his legs he had covered miles, but that wasn’t possible. Was it?

“Yep!” A voice from the shadows quipped.

“Who’s there?” Brand froze, peering into the gloom.

“Aye, an yecan hear me, that’s promising.” As he watched, a sprite flickered into sight, sitting cross legged on top of an old trunk.

Brand , stunned, just stared.

“Little slow are ye?” She sighed, “Well at least ye have the right blood.”

“Blood?” Brand repeated, as a question.

“Aye, the one to wear the crown, At least he left this house to family that shared his blood. I’m Skealien, a sprite, and unless I miss my guess, your in for a crash course in myths and nightmares My Liege. The darknesses are massing.”

* * *

So, what do you think?  I’ll write it when I can anyhow, but this is the lead in…

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Today and Today… and Today again

Hi, today’s one of those days…

I feel like dead would be more comfortable that my current “Alive” status, throat is on fire, hard to swallow, head feels alternately like it’s filled with helium and then Concrete, and to top it off, I’m still not sleeping through the night.  But with a baby due in less than a month, I guess the whole nocturnal sleeping thing is just going to have to wait a couple more years.

So, back to today.  Techincally it started at 12:$5 when the 2 yr old woke up for a couple of hours, (Yay!  Story time and cuddles, but really, at one in the morning, GAH!)

Then up at five when my long-suffering very pregnant wife got up, so I”m up for a bit then as well, and so it goes…

Finally at about eight the older one woke up, so my day started in earnest, *sigh*

Today is Saturday, there’s a story-time at the library, there’s lots of things I need to do, (see yesterday’s posting about what I’m over the barrel on…) and of course there’s the renovations.  All while I want nothing more than to curl up and drop off to dead…

How does one keep one’s spirits up when it goes like this, day after day after day…?

I really don’t know, but I just keep plugging.  Sorry this is not more insightful or enlightening, it’s just a look into the daily life of a guy who’s trying to be the best he can for those that need him.

Cheers and God Bless.  Gotta get back to the renovations, sanding and smoothing drywall plaster today  *sad tired smile here*


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Hot Flash – Brotherhood of the Bloodstone

Today’s Prompt -use words Ring, Blind, Chosen

Brotherhood of the Bloodstone

The unforgiving stone walls echoed his own cries back at him, merciless and uncaring.

If only he had known the true cost of accepting the Brotherhood’s invitation.  The eternal price of donning the bloodstone ring of power. He stilled his voice, throat torn asunder once again from his primal screams of release.

A life of service, for the return of a his sight. Recently blind from a sword cut across the face, such an offer was a redeption to a damned man. The youngest son of an indifferent father, his options had been limited. But then the brotherhood had taken him in. Prestige and power were his, along with the life of an asthetic.

Commitment to the brotherhood was absolute, the only release was through death. Again he questioned  if he had chosen right.

Just then a knock sounded at the door, “Father Gandon, the redeemed is recovering. We heard the screams stop, have you vanquished the exorcised demons? Are you ready for the healing to begin?”

“Yes Simon, they were strong this time but they’re gone now, you may unlock the doors now and let me out. Tell the healers I’ll meet them at the temple.”

Father Gandon lifted himself off the stone floor with difficulty, groaning as he heard the locks click open, the guardian muttering to lift the wards. Internalizing another’s demons… Who would have thought that the hellion he started out as would end up like this, redeeming his people’s eternal souls?

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Collecting my thoughts (urk! I've gotta do what?)

A wallpaper from Cam The Guitarist, thanks Cam.

Have you ever sat down to start working on something and realized that there was so much to get done that you really had no idea where to start?

What do you do in that situation?

*side note*  I’ve got splits from dry skin, on three of my eight fingers, and one of my thumbs…  Wood heat, Wet BC winter, GAH!  Tired of this happening each year.. It sucks, and to make matters worse, typing really really hurts, but still here I sit.

Enough of the rant.

I’m sitting here, and aside from the actual work that I’ve brought home to face-off against this weekend, what else do I have lined up?

-Reviews that I need to do for one course I’m taking.

-Arthane’s bio -backstory, to be preceded by Enforcers back-story, and the inital pairing of the new league story… (20,000 word max each, as are the rest of the following, can’t get them too long, nobody will read them)

-Alpha’s back-story and bio set

-Dame Cynic’s story

-Lady Blue Mamba’s story

– The SM’s for the game, fill in the blanks, and set up the running lists to 500 PR

– Quests, fix the one’s I’ve sent, and then do up the next three for each side

– Graphic Novels…  Really.. umm…  I’m not sure where to start on that, and we’re waiting for the Artist and the Producer to pick a time that will work so we can conference…

– Then there’s Alix and his league, that’ could be interesting as well.

– Finally there’s my personal Taxes to work out, luckily I’m in the tax business, so it’s not as onerous as some other’s tax prep chores.

– Then there’s the courses I’ll be taking, which will monopolize my time until at least June sometime…

*Sigh, So, Script Frenzy is O.U.T for this year I think, unless I’m way ahead on my course, skating through at work, and have the chance to work up a Graphic novel rather than a script for a show…  Let’s go see if that’s one of the options here.


YES!  Graphic Novels are allowed, go see the detail HERE

So, that means that if I can get the damned things ironed out with the Producer, *fingers crossed* then maybe we can put the Graphic Novel together as a script for that time frame…

Ok, now I’ve really got to get to work, so I’ll leave you alone and check in tomorrow.


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