A story that want's to be written

Hi all.  I was daydreaming the other day, and this story line somewhat came to me out of the clouds, literally.

There I was staring up at the clouds, thinking random thoughts (like meditation except that I am on my back staring straight up into the sky while the children gambol and caper around me in the yard.

I saw a cloud formation, somewhat like a fat horseshoe shape with a very bulgy middle (the front arc of the horseshoe) and then there was some wisps of cloud sort of closing in the open end of the horseshoe, and finally just beside the horseshoe shaped cloud was a thick black nimbus of a cloud (think donut shape, complete with hole in middle) just about touching, somewhat like two landmasses on either side of the straight’s of Gibraltar.

This called to me, go figure.

A legend to frame the story.

A legend there is, ’tis said of a man.
Born of woman, without a mother
He shall see, as no other.
A sense of there but yet unseen,
He leads us down a path of green.

Awakening in a shrouded land,
To guide us through the tarnished bight,
And through the dark that is not night
Below the serpents of the sea,
Unto the Sea of Serenity

So there you have it.  that’s the whole framework of the story, but I’m thinking that it’s three or four twenty-thousand word stories long.

The first is escape for the brains and surviving value of society, they’re being persecuted through the revolt, and have to escape to the mythical fortress of solitude.  (this is fairly straight-forward), As they go along, they gather the less selfish and corrupted of the population to the surviving asset base, and the whole thing looks like a travelling circus or an ancient caravan before they get half way there, at which point the main hero comes to the fore, with Cora the secondary hero as a reluctant second.  Cora has been tagging along as the helper to those who are actually trying to do the leading and escaping.  The Main hero is able to sense the copper deposits that are the basis of the ancient’s magic (electrical transmission) and can follow the buried lines, but has no idea that’s what he senses or feels, only that he’s different that others.  The fortress of Solitude is wired for everything, so Hero can find it, but not with the whole of civilization behind him, so he takes the core leaders, and moves faster, with Cora’s help of course, (romantic involvement between the thieving little city girl and the strapping completely honest never told a lie country boy?  could be fun, the conflict’s they’re thrown into meaning that each is uncomfortable with the needs of the situation as the situation demands, eventually they come to a resolution on the need for a grey zone in the universe.  for the first book they are just at odds with each other, no romance is in either’s mind)

The second is to survive the environmental cataclysm, (Earthquakes leading to volcanic eruptions, cyclical, predictable, but the knowledge was hidden in the “fortress of solitude” so the coming of the cataclysm was forgotten, (it only comes around every twenty generations or so 1024 year cycle of the planet around the solar system, and the competing forces of the yellow primary and the red dwarf that circles the yellow primary (around Neptune’s orbit in our solar system to our earth as the main planet and the yellow sun as primary).  The antagonist in this case is going to help lead the refugees to the secured bunkers that were detailed in the fortress’s archives.
In this second book, the city girl (Cora) is falling for a member of the guard unit, who unfortunately turns out to be one of the reluctant helpers, who is going to go back on the escape plan, trying to sabotage the whole situation.  Needless to say, that get’s cleared up at the 90% mark, and the Hero is the one who pulls it all together in the end, against the odds, and against the inertia of the whole of the civilization. naturally Cora is seeing him in a new light, and will try to “catch his eye” but he’s kinda dense.

The third book is to escape from an increasingly problematic safe haven, (it’s falling apart around them) and to get to the sea of bliss, the mythical seat of civilization, and to start to rebuild what’s left of the whole civilization, it’s their god given duty to restore things to a working whole and put in place the securities for the next cataclysm so that society doesn’t crash down around them and all get lost next time this happens.  Maybe setting up a ritual process of the safety measures, so that it’s not all lost next time around.
It’s the Hero’s turn to start falling, this time for one of the lesser nobility of the survivors, nothing serious, but since there’s no keys or actual nobility, and the girl he’s falling for is turning out to be key in the figuring out of what’s happening, she know’s he’s interested, and will play along, but she’s not really interested, Truth be told she’s more interested in Cora…  but then that’s preference for you.
Anyhow, eventually this comes out and Hero let’s go of his hopes on her when she ends up martyring herself to save the rest of them since she can never be truly happy alone and to follow her heart and desire will brand her as one kind of heretic according to popular view, (one is needed to go back and drop the sequence (she dies at about 55-60% of the story).  Then things move forward, and the usual pitfalls and issues come up to be overcome through the rest of the story, while the popular culture disintegrates around the fleeing people.  the taboo on same sex union or coupling is dropped, the sanctity of marriage is preserved, children are cherished throughout the remaining society, and concept of need v.s. desire, the problems of position/priveledge/and power are ironed out completely.  leadership is through random selection of a panel and aptitude assessments after that for the filling of leadership positions.

So there’s the rough outline.  took me about half an hour to type it all out.  *sigh*( wonder how long it’ll take to put it all in books.

I guess I might end up leaving this until the NaNoWriMo thing, that’d be a good time to put it all together.

Until later.

Daniel Casey.

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