Flash Fiction – Flying with the Gods of Torque

Flying with the Gods of Torque
Flash Fiction ( 281 words)

The sun gleamed off her dark golden hair. It reminded him of the color of ripe wheat in the fields back home where he practiced.  Sweating and cursing inside his racing leathers, Jake waited impatiently for Kellie to be finished with the tweaks and get him back on the track.  His competitors were thundering past eating up his two lap lead.

"What's the problem, this should have been a gas an go!" He snarled.

"Throttle link was stripped you ham handed ogre." Pulling herself up from the ground, she continued, "That should hold, but no more snapping it to the stops."

She reached across the bike and hit the starter switch, the throaty KLX140 roared to life, black smoke pouring out the exhaust pipe.

"Kellie? What'd you do to my baby?"

"Relax ya ninny. That's just unburnt fuel. I've tightened up the air-screw to lower your torque point, now get out there and fly boy."

With that she slapped his helmet back down on his head and stepped back.

Grinning maniacally, Jake swung a leg over the saddle, gripped the handlebars and roared out of the pit spraying gravel. Powering up the first slope, he held steady and flew high, clearing the second and touching down on the third, disappearing below the crest to power through the banked turn.

Kellie watched him fly. Her heart felt light as she watched him dance with the gods of torque, defying gravity and paying homage to the almighty horsepower. Grinning foolishly herself, she shook her head and muttered, "He's going to break that bike again before the day is through, but that's why we're such a good team.
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