Hello world!

So, let’s co-opt this first post, since they set it up so well.

I am Daniel Oliver Casey, and I have deluded myself into thinking I can write fiction.

Now, I know very well that people don’t buy things they can’t see, and since I can’t show things before selling them, I’ve decided to put several of my fiction works up here for public consumption.  If you like it then cool, let me know.  Maybe eventually I’ll end up with published works that I can make money off of.   Until that point however I’ll try to get at least one open piece and one part of a serialized ongoing story posted here.  I don’t guarantee that the spelling, punctuation and grammar will always be 100% (or even 75% if I am to be truthful) but I’ll do my best.  Just remember that I am doing this writing thing because I love to write, but I also have a wonderful wife, three (going on four) amazing children and I am in the middle of more projects than I can possibly remember.

I will also link this to facebook and any other public sites I have, to simplify dispersion, feel free to forward anything you find on this blog to anybody you thing might be interested in reading it…

I think that’s about it for now, I’ll go and get some sleep now.  I have to get up in the morning and work out my NaNoWriMo Novel plot and such for the year…


Oh, and one last thing, everything I put up on this blog is still my property.  You may read it, you may link to it, you may print it and give it to your pet rock for a dinner treat, even aliens might use it for something.  But regardless of when or where they may turn up, I reserve all rights with regards to the posts of this site and the content within those posts.  Excuse me while I go and take a look into how this is supposed to work.


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