What happens when you put your moving truck in Reverse?

Yup, I actually did that yesterday.  Can we say dense as granite.

I’ve been using the transmission of my automatic truck to slow the massive beast down, trying to save what’s left of my brakes until I can afford to fix them (that’s today), but last night I was having an absent moment…

I was moving down the highway at about 75 kph, and I shifted down from Drive into …

Dum, Dum dum……

You guessed it, REVERSE.  (not a good thing)


After lots of screeching, grinding and such I got the transmission back up into neutral, at which point the truck died on the side of the road…  Ticking….

I’ll leave you for a moment to consider just how bad this might be…..

(this pic is not mine, click it to visit where it came from)








Thought about it much yet?

Well, the truck seemed to be fine, once I got it started and moving again.  The burnt metal smell finally dispersed.

Yesterday just wasn’t worth getting out from under the rock.  I just switched trucks for today, running the old rusty dodge for a while now….

And on that note, I suppose I’ll get back to work here…  Until later when I’m feeling more like talking about something important…


A parting thought:  If the US is politically opposed to the (now disbanded) Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union is a Socialist State,

Does that make the US Policy makers Anti-Socialists?



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