Our Technological Umbilical Cord

Morning all,

I have a rant, that may devolve into a message, and might even aspire to a lesson or something like that.

Last night while I was procrastinating and not getting my work and writing done, the internet connection to my house went offline.    Now, reasonably looking back, I should have taken that as the blessing it was and just gotten down to working.  But no… I rationalized that I had to have the internet connection up and running or I wouldn’t be able to do anything. (consequently, I didn’t get anything done anyhow, because the connection failure was at the other end, the supplier not my setup).  Having wasted a full hour or two doing this, I finally admitted defeat and sat down to start the writing I should have been doing all along…

Anybody else catching the irony in this?  or the frustratingly maddening tendencies we all seem to have developed concerning our need to be connected.

My question at large, (and I’ll likely fail to answer it properly, but such is life…)

Why as biological entities, do we need to be connected through technological communications.

Human’s are social beings, I get that.

But as social beings we are each one of us individual…  alone with our own minds and thoughts…

So why, when things go offline, become disconnected, etc.  (yes there is irony in this being posted on a blog) Why do we end up going nuts and spending so much time trying to make it work right?

I know that there is a philosophical lesson in this somewhere, something along the lines of “we are who we became in other’s eyes, and those others, apart from their own defined existences, only exist to show us ourselves…”

That’s warped, but it’s close to what I was going for.

Take me personally, I spend way too much energy checking for e-mail I know is not there, generally trying to validate my own existence through other’s perceptions of me.  Then I go and try to write stories about people who aren’t me, this gives me a form of relief from the constant need for reassurance of my own validity…

Odd, but there it is.  I am not sure how we ended up in the existential realms from a simple tech failure.  It’s obviously back online now, and the whole issue is behind us.

I guess I’ll get back to work here.  Gotta get some typing done.


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