Write or Die

Yes, I know it’s been around for ages, I know NaNo recommends it when things are rough, and all that.

But I only just tried it out today. (call me slow if you want)


Go check it out. it’s fun as hell, the pressure is great.  It’s like having a mini-NaNo each time you start a session.  I plan on using it to keep and hit my wordcount goats for the month

*edit*  wordcounting goats….  hmm.. goats who count the words as they eat them.. too funny, anybody else see a goat chewing on newspapers and old novels yet?

Back to topic, here’s the bit where I tried a 15 minute 500 word challenge, and yeah, I finished it in like six minutes, so there!  😛

I’ve cut and pasted it here for honesty’s sake, I’ll have to obviously edit anything I use this program for.  Especially when I set it to kill all and two second lag before punishment…


Ok, back to the real work.

*Below is the text I’ve entered using the online Write or Die Module*

Alright, I’ve set a 500 word limit for 15 minutes, I wonder if this thing is going to work, it probably will, as long as I can find the correct bits and ways to type it all out.  Sitting here blasted well irritating, really really irritation, writing on a laptop is really good when I’m sitting down in a chair with the computer on my lap, but the truth is that I simply cannot write well like this.  My hands are all in the wrong places, the pressure is directly on my carparal tunnel issues, and there was the pink screen of warning, I liked that.  That was good.  I thing that at the two minute mark I’ll have to ok that’s works.  it’s irritating, I’m going to need to keep my headset on and keep it working (charged) so that this will keep me honest.
If I have to listen to crying babies, then things is really bad.  ( I have enough grying babies in my own life, and when they cry, all hell breaks loose.  I think I am going to short cut this however, I’ll set it up to do the 3000 words for a day each day (say 2000 on a the NaNo story, well ish) and keep the balance for the other stories, that’s a good compromise isn’t it?  I do believe that I can beat my own score. I’ll have to buy the desktop version of the program.
That dang fan in the background is really starting to get to me, I’m pushing warm air from the fireplace in the dining room to the back of the house so that I can warm up the whole house with the fireplace, rather than using the damned electric heaters.  I think this program is simply watching me hit keys and if I don’t hit a key for more than two seconds then it starts with the pink, red, danger screen thing.  This is awsome, I’m down to 160 words before I can hit done.  This is like having a mini-Nano each session.  i can set a goal and then I’ll have to hit it.  It’s sad really, that as humans we need a program like this to keep us honest (Ok, so I do anyhow.)  adn I’ll be using it, because it’s really a good thing.  It’ll get me typing, it’ll get the words flowing.  When I know I only have two seconds to start hitting keys, and honesty will keep me using words rather than just pushing out random garble.  Dang, my grammer is really really bad when I type like this, I am seriously going to have to go edit this.  But for fun, how about I put this whole thing, with a link back to this page of course, up on the writing website blog.  it’s now two in the afternoon, I still have to get to the store and over to mom’s for a little bit.  So I’m out of here.




That’s kinda scary ain’t it.

It’s really really bad.  Grammar is worse, at least the spelling is marginally alright.  Marginally.

I’m gone, back later.

Daniel Casey.  Cheers, have fun and go check out





I’m outta here.



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