Planet Bound


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Were things better in the past?  No, different yes, but not better.  Maybe quieter, and less polluted, depending on how far back we go.
Competition is good for what it was used for, small scale stuff like getting things made better faster and more efficiently, but I’m going to have to agree with you on the flip of that coin.  Without Co-operation we’re not going to be given the chance by the Galactic Federation (everyone saw “The Day the Earth Stood Still, right?)  Ok, maybe they won’t wipe us out, but letting us come play in their back yard?  Probably not.

So, if [BIG IF] we manage to do something right and clean up our personal relations (realizing all humans are humans and mostly equal is a good start, if we can keep that progress) and then get our act together before we eradicate ourselves from the planet, then working together we might just be able to get our collective butts off the planet…

Dang, now I’ve gotta go write another short story before it drives me nuts….  (muttering to self >>  Conflict, national govt’s mostly working together, somebody’s trying to rig game….  sigh)
Dan Casey


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