Afternoon everybody.  (ok, not too many everybody’s out there, but you’re all somebody to me, else why would I do this blog thing?)

What was that?

What was what?

That SMACK! referenced in the title?

Oh, that..  Well, that was the sound of my hand hitting my forehead.


Well, because I deserved a smack, no, wait!  Hear me out.

I made a decision to start writing a while back (can we say August or so?)

Yep, I did, it’s in a back post here somewhere…  Lemme see…

And so since then I’ve… well I’ve dropped the ball.

I blamed NaNoWriMo, I’ve blamed work, removations, etc.

The truth?  I spend way too much time playing around on WDC,, a writer’s website.  I justified it by saying I was learning, but the truth is that I am spending far too much time that I don’t have just working over’s other’s works, trying to find good and bad points in it.

What do I get out of this?  I learn some things, kinda, and I can see for free what really works fairly well, and what really doesn’t.

I was hoping to get what I write, read and analyzed so that I might get better.  That’s not happening thus far.

For your public entertainment, here’s the link to the online portfolio.


I have to get back to work here, oddly enough this post ties into the other one I was also working on about multitasking and productivity.

I have to some thinking before I can continue the thought track I am on.  In short I need to find some middle ground where the actual writing gets done.

Until later,

Dan Casey.

P.S.  I don’t know how many of you are waiting for it but the next segment of Adrift will be posted by sunrise, or thereabouts.


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