The Last Sunset

Just a quick post, a picture, then some reminiscing comments from me.

But first, the pictures.

More focused shot of the last sunset of 2010

The last Sunset of 2010. Driving home, just had to stop and snap this one.

Kaitlen at her granny's house before the New Year's party at Aunty 'ree's.

Kaitlen at her granny's house before the New Year's party at Aunty 'ree's.

Aidan, Connor and Keira, all playing nice at Granny's house before the New Year's party at Auntie 'ree's.



Ok, so that’s about it for the year, the party/visit went well, and now we’re home with a couple of sleeping little boys, it’s half an hour local time to the moment, and there’s a couple of things I need to have down before I get to next year.

1- see the previous post.  I’m aiming at a postaday2011.  Meaning one post per day.  I’ve figured out how to do so from my phone, so no excuses..  no guarantees on when each day, but it’ll be here, even if it’s only photos and captions, it’ll be here.

2-  Caffiene is out for the year, Lent was tricky but I managed it even with tax season and courses, etc.

3- Alcohol is out for the year, this should be easier as I am not a real big drinker anyhow.

4- I want this house done by this time next year and listed to sell, or hopefully sold so that we can move to a better place closer to work.

5- I will finish and start submitting at least two of the novels I’m working on, as well as at least six novellas for the course of 2011.  That’s six months each for the novels, and two months per novella.  I think I can, but if I don’t start, I’ll never know.

6- I will love my wife each and every day.

7- I will try to start getting at least five and a half hours of sleep each night.

8- Lunchtimes are for walking, walk fast, walk far, and get my butt out of that chair.

9- Make a habit of telling bedtime stories to my little boys, just have to figure out how to start spinning yarns instead of writing them down.

10- Umm.. stop making dumb lists that I don’t follow, so starting with this one, if I list it, I need to at least try to do it.


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