The First Day of a year, two hours late.

You think it’d be more profound, all the hype we put into the New Year, celebrations, trepidations, all the other ‘ations…?

Ok, that made no sense.

But seriously.  Why?  Yes it’s the end of the season, the darkest day is past, the coldest months are still to come, and motorcycle season is officially 60 days (or thereabouts) away.

So I need to get my bike running.

I’d like to start by saying that this is not my bike.  Mine could look like this given time and work, but I have little time and almost no money to work with.

So…  Well, I’ll get some pictures of my bike up when I can.

And for a recap.

No Coffee, No Alcohol, and only normal food, no candy or junk.

Some writing done * yay*

Now I’ve gotta go cuddle and watch a movie with my girl.





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