Refocusing ones Self

As with any life, mine had gone round and round circles lately, kinda nuts really.

But, as I keep saying, such is life.  Round and round we go….

Husha Husha we all fall down…  (oops, wrong setting, that’s the kid’s song)

Now, there are THINGS that a guy must focus on in life.  Do you DREAM?  I do, see the post back here,  LINK

And I’ve run across and mulled over priorities on more than one occasion, even have a dedicated post on it HERE

The general topic also keeps coming up all over my posts, sorry about that.

So, I thought I’d sit down and in a simple list, give the goals I’d like to spend my effort and time on.

First and foremost, my family.  (Duh!  what’d you think I was going to say?)

Second —  umm..  kinda boring of me, but work…  the accounting stuff that pays the bills

Third — My course that’s coming up…  Advanced Personal and Corporate Taxation.  Guess what, you get a front row seat to that one, if I can explain it here, then I’ll remember it for the exam…  *evil grin*  and maybe somebody else will learn as well.

Fourth — Writing for the contract, hey they pay after all.   (catch up to current then keep up, do this before five and six)

Fifth — writing for submission…  (min half an hour a day before #6 is allowed)

Sixth – play on the site for exposure to other writers.  Frankly I have enough connection with and reading of other writers, just on the blogs I haunt, so the site is just a vanity thing or something.

Either way,  I guess I’ll cut this short, as I am concurrently doing laundry, dishes, making/feeding dinner/dessert, and handling a couple of little boys on their way to bed.



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