So this is going to be trickier than I originally thought.  First, WordPress seems to be about seven hours ahead of me.

Wait a minute…  is there a personal time zone setting on this somewhere?

Ok, that fixed that mess..  Now at least I’m on the right timezone, I was seven hours off…  so the day ended at like five in the afternoon… Do you know how frustrating that is?  *Gah!

Ok, so now that that’s fixed, what I was trying to say is that I have a life, a very fulfilling if demanding life, involving a wonderful wife, kids, a career, writing, two !%$^@** cats, some birds, fish and I’m sure that’s not all that lives at my house, (have you seen what’s behind the dryer lately?).

Thus there are a couple of things I’m going to have to do if I really want to keep up the “post a day thing.”

First, there is a  delay post feature, right over there>>>

I like that, I can choose when to publish things, that will help immensely, as I can write up a couple of posts when I have a good night then set them to post over a couple of days.  😀

Second, I’ll probably start to put up some flash fiction as I write it.  I promise that it won’t be great, it won’t be inspirational, but I enjoy it, and since I have no intention of trying to make money on flash fiction, I’ll put it up for all to see, criticize, and generally trash (if you’re so inclined, go ahead, if not then well, ok.)

Third.. I had a third point, but it’s gone now, so how about…  I’ll have to get these posts out as I think of them or I’ll lose my train of thought.


How does one lose a train of thought?  Trains are big things, and they’re noisy, not easy to loose…  *sigh*


I’m out of there, gotta get back to work.



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