The deteriorating value in public education – Part 1


I know this post will upset some of you, and will bolster others, but it’s been bugging me for ages.  Make that about seven years now.

It’s school. We all went through it, (some might still be there, for other’s it’s a long past memory).

To defend myself from the incipient attacks, I was born in 1976, no earlier.  And second, I don’t believe in “The good old days” any more than I can throw them…

That being said, I am despairing at the state of our current public education system.  (Right, for those who don’t live here, Canada has mandatory public education until a student reaches sixteen years of age, or grade ten).

Now, I have a thirteen year old son, and two toddlers that are heading into this fine institution.  Naturally the two youngest aren’t as affected by my fears thus far, but the teenager is right in the middle of things.

First, I can applaud the efforts of the faculty and administration to remove negative influences and violence from our schools and keep it away from our children.  I’m ALRIGHT with that.    BUT!  Yes that was a but.  BUT when it becomes mandatory for a child to not stand up for themselves peacefully, when it is required of a child to merely accept the attacks of others, and if they do defend themselves, they are then the one’s who are punished?  How does that makes sense?

So, no more bullying = good thing

But where does the enforcement come into this?  Teachers rely on students to report errant behavior, but those same students are being pressured into not reporting…  and so the circle begins…


Second major issue.  The Dumbing down of the public school system…

I’ll just leave a couple of points here, then I’ll come back to this one tomorrow.

When did producing legible handwriting (or even lettering) become an optional thing?  And when did the availability of computational aids mean that students are allowed to stop thinking?  I have a thirteen year old child who takes longer to do his math questions on a calculator than I can to them with pencil  and paper.  Not to mention that the questions he is being faced with in Grade 8 math are the same one’s I was required to do hundreds of in Grade 6.

Ok, I’m going to go calm down now and come back to this topic tomorrow.

Good night everybody.


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  1. #1 by Gareth on October 24, 2011 - 10:46 am

    Most of the reson why is because they are making everything easy now if school actually ramped up the workload and made people think the world would end up with less mc jobs (fast food and stuff like that) and more real ones.becuase people would want to find a good jod so they would end up making one for themself.

    • #2 by Daniel O. Casey on October 24, 2011 - 2:11 pm

      Hey guy, that’s kinda deep. Less Mc.Jobs means more money in general, and more entry level jobs being open for guys like you just getting started. People who then can, after their starting jobs, move on up and get better paying jobs, (as you’ve mentioned).

      So, yeah. Kinda deep. Thanks for sharing this.

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