Dreams and Nightmares?

Oh my, where shall I start?

It’s been two days since I posted last, (or there abouts, I do have trouble keeping track)

And before I forget, I must apologize in advance for anybody who might be reading this daily…

I’m starting a taxation course in the next couple of weeks, and in order to get the time to do that, this blog column will have to suffer.  Thus, I’m going to kill things…

Wait, that’s not the expression.  I’m going to kill two birds with one stone, I’ll try to keep it to a day or two out of the week, but the main thing is that I’ll be working out the Taxation Lessons here..  online.  So you get tax information for free.. (yay!) and I get to make sure it makes sense to me so I can remember it for the lectures and the final exam… (yay?)

Ok, that’s out of the way.

Second, I’d like to start comic strip writing, but I can’t draw.  and I’m not saying that I draw badly, what I draw is beyond bad….  but my life is insane and funny (if you can step back and look at it…) so I’d love to have a way to, in a short simple format, share that insane funny stuff.. The thought that a comic strip might work was my first thought.  Pictures is the second.

Until I’m comfortable with drawing (my goal is to be able to draw something even passable by say my birthday at the end of June) but until then I’m going to try getting pictures of things down, and then putting the funny stuff in captions related to the pictures.

Don’t hold me to this, but I’m really going to try.  Tonight is going to be the first of those attempts…  Camera – – – Ready!

Kids  – –   Kids?  Where the heck are the kids?  A crap…  ok, I’ll get back to you on this stuff.

Until later.


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