What did I lose?

Afternoon, I’ll start this here and try to finish it up later on this evening when I get a moment.  But to start with, what does a guy (in this case me) lose when he gives up all contact and other aggressive or massively physically demanding exercises (football, hockey, sword-fighting, etc.)?

I mean, when I can watch a music video like this one

or even a full movie about Guys giving it everything just to win, to triumph, what have I lost as a guy in that even a small exposure to such a stimulation will drive my adrenaline levels through the ceiling…?

Ok, sorry about that, it’s now the next morning, power went out and things went sideways last night.  An d now we’re getting record short term snowfall.  There was seven or  eight inches on the driveway this morning and nothing was plowed until I got to the main highway twelve kilometers from the house…  *sigh*  It’s been a strange start to a day.

Back to topic.

Aside from the usual benefits of physical activity, the exercise, increased cardiovascular health, etc, etc, what benefits do high output competitive sports give?  (Before you ask, no, golf or anything like it is not what I’m talking about, neither is walking, skiing, etc, etc, although those sports are beneficial and do provide the level of exercise.

I’m talking about the “in your face, I’m going to survive and beat you at all costs, within the rules of course,” kind of sports.  I’m going to have to go do some actual research on this and get back to you.  If anyone has any thoughts, please feel free to share them.



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