Anger – boon or hindrance?

Yeah I was.  I’m not getting into why, that’s not relevant.  But I do get angry, call it whatever you want.  My feelings get hurt, more easily than I’d like.

Part of this comes from where I came from, and being who/what I am genetically.  See I have a really really good adrenaline system, and when it sparks man…  I can fly.   Heh, when I get wound up I feel like I can take down the whole offensive line single handed.  (Odd that I’ve never really gotten into a good brawl, but there it is).

This is  a good thing from a survival base, but it’s also a bad thing on a social and personal (interpersonal?) level.  That kind of short-wired thinking is the cause of many of the worst things many men (and women…) have done in their lives.

*discrete show of hands if you are in this camp…*  * I am*

So here’s a video for y’all.

There you have it…

And today, I almost lashed out in anger, but after hitting the first send button, it asked if I was sure… and I said …


No.  Hit delete and it’s gone…

This is a record for me.  I intentionally asked myself what the hell was going on in my head, and why..

And without actually making any sense, I managed to go from screaming mad and seeing red targets on everything, to simply being frustrated at the situation and looking for a solution to it all.

I’m hoping this is the start of a new trend in my life,  here’s to calm collected reasoning.


God Bless, and hang in there, we’re not making much sense right now but it’ll get better.



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