Weird Providence

And every so often, when I’m feeling like things just can’t get any worse, I hand the reigns of my life over to God for a little while.  Today has been one of those days.  I’ll not go into detail, but between my professional life and my home life, I’ve had occasion of late to feel like the proverbial camel.  So here’s were I hand off to God.  Yep, half way home I glared up at the ceiling of the cab in my truck (with two little boys playing let’s see you can be louder) and out loud I said, “Well, You seem to have it in for me, so you drive.”

See, yesterday my wife received a demand notice from Avon, “requesting that she bring her account up to date.”  Quite simply that’s $161.51 that we don’t have.  Can’t afford it, hell can’t even afford to pay the bills I knew about.  Then when I get home today, there in the mailbox is a refund cheque for medical claim that we sent in a good couple of months ago to Blue Cross.  I had given up this claim as a dud, the last one came back as a dud, so I rather thought this one might as well.  Alright, so far this isn’t too strange.

Now the weird providence part of this story.  The value of that cheque?  $161.94

I’m officially kinda weirded out by that, the value, the timing, all of it.

To top off the weirdness of the day, my ex-wife is being almost helpful in dealing with the teen-aged son and the crazy schedule of tomorrow.  I wasn’t sure how to make everything line up, but then on a chance call to confirm that he was in fact visiting us this weekend, and she offered to drop him off, so now the timing will all work out.  Life is strange, but thanks for your help Lord.

I’m off to do some actual work now, later.


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  1. #1 by Daniel O. Casey on April 30, 2012 - 10:36 am

    dang, the things I wrote without remembering I wrote them… *sigh* ok, back to work.

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