Hi everybody.  First a quick explanation, then the picture I have for you.

I was heading out to the car this morning, and after starting the frigid lump of steel, hoping that it would warm up, I went back to put the garbage out for pickup.  Not usually a bid deal, but it’s up the other side deck over the perpetual snow-drift we have here from Fall to Spring.  My boys are kind enough to tramp a path back and forth to the side deck through/over/around this snowdrift, so it’s not too bad hiking through it.

But this morning I had to go back to that spot just off of said deck, because I realized there was something of note there.  My youngest, Aidan, was playing outside last night when we got home (so was Connor), and in playing he had forgotten to put away his toys.  Now, remember, he has no preset ideas about what is a proper winter toy, so here is what he was doing yesterday in the snow, in full snow-gear, in the dark, at minus 10 C.


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Two Jokes

Just because I can, none of you are in my Knights of Columbus Group, so here’s two of this month’s jokes.


Question:  Why do we have to be quiet in church?

Answer: Because people are sleeping…


And the second one…

At the pearly gates a taxi driver and a preacher are waiting in line.  St Peter consults his list and hands the taxi driver a silken robe and golden staff.

“You may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The taxi driver proceeds through the gates while St. Peter consults his list again, and pulling out a cotton robe and wooden staff, presents them to the preacher.

“Just a minute!”  says the preacher, “That man was a taxi driver, and he gets a silken robe while I, a man of God, get only a cotton robe and wooden staff.  How can this be?”

St. Peter smiles understandingly, “Up here we work by results, while you preached people slept, while he drove, people prayed.”


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Life Lesson #16

First, a disclaimer- This is from the book I’m reading “How to be Happy Dammit!” by Karen Salmansohn  (I’d buy copies for everybody I know, but I can’t afford it, so here’s the link to Amazon, I’d highly recommend reading it or even buying it.!  It’s funny, relevant and often painfully insightful.

And now, a direct excerpt from pages 100 – 103

Life Lesson #16

The Real Secret to Happiness – in 3 words.

1- Rationalize

2- Rationalize

3- Rationalize

You find it’s helpful to lie to yourself about your past pain . . . and all the rotten things that have happened to you.  And it’s only fair — since everyone else is lying to you too anyway.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Well, Achem, remember this is a cynic’s guide to spiritual happiness.

You decide to see . . . equals.

Your enemies = your teachers.

Your failure = your wisdom.

Your mistakes = your lucky discoveries.

Your conflicts – your growth opportunities.

Your undesired endings = your desirable beginnings.

Your grapes of wrath = your raisons d’etre.

Your painful feelings = your proud proof that you are dealing with your feelings — Head on!


** and there’s a freebee bonus benefit to doing the above [equality formulation] . . .


You begin to be less judgmental about your: rage, fear, pain, conflict, and disappointments.


That’s it.  The whole lesson, and I’m going to leave it there.  I’d go into how it impacted me, but the fact that I’ve taken the time to re-type it all here, as well as hunting down the purchase link, should be indication.  The whole book is worth it.  Personally I stumbled across it in the library, lucky for me.

Hope you have an awesome day!

Cheers, I’ve gotta get back to work here.  Dan.

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That magical moment,

Way back in the fall.

School is started,

and the late harvest ball…


The sun is retreating,

The moon in ascent

The ground still squishy,

Not hard like cement?


Excited for Christmas,

the anticipation;

The holiday season,

Heralds such love and fun.


That magical time,

When we all slowed down,

because the first frost had come

and coated the ground.


But now it’s February

The sky’s are still bleak

The holidays past,

Quite more than a week.


That magical time,

Anticipation and fun.

But winter I fear,

Ugh!  Yeah, by now I am done!



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Weird Providence

And every so often, when I’m feeling like things just can’t get any worse, I hand the reigns of my life over to God for a little while.  Today has been one of those days.  I’ll not go into detail, but between my professional life and my home life, I’ve had occasion of late to feel like the proverbial camel.  So here’s were I hand off to God.  Yep, half way home I glared up at the ceiling of the cab in my truck (with two little boys playing let’s see you can be louder) and out loud I said, “Well, You seem to have it in for me, so you drive.”

See, yesterday my wife received a demand notice from Avon, “requesting that she bring her account up to date.”  Quite simply that’s $161.51 that we don’t have.  Can’t afford it, hell can’t even afford to pay the bills I knew about.  Then when I get home today, there in the mailbox is a refund cheque for medical claim that we sent in a good couple of months ago to Blue Cross.  I had given up this claim as a dud, the last one came back as a dud, so I rather thought this one might as well.  Alright, so far this isn’t too strange.

Now the weird providence part of this story.  The value of that cheque?  $161.94

I’m officially kinda weirded out by that, the value, the timing, all of it.

To top off the weirdness of the day, my ex-wife is being almost helpful in dealing with the teen-aged son and the crazy schedule of tomorrow.  I wasn’t sure how to make everything line up, but then on a chance call to confirm that he was in fact visiting us this weekend, and she offered to drop him off, so now the timing will all work out.  Life is strange, but thanks for your help Lord.

I’m off to do some actual work now, later.

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Anger – boon or hindrance?

Yeah I was.  I’m not getting into why, that’s not relevant.  But I do get angry, call it whatever you want.  My feelings get hurt, more easily than I’d like.

Part of this comes from where I came from, and being who/what I am genetically.  See I have a really really good adrenaline system, and when it sparks man…  I can fly.   Heh, when I get wound up I feel like I can take down the whole offensive line single handed.  (Odd that I’ve never really gotten into a good brawl, but there it is).

This is  a good thing from a survival base, but it’s also a bad thing on a social and personal (interpersonal?) level.  That kind of short-wired thinking is the cause of many of the worst things many men (and women…) have done in their lives.

*discrete show of hands if you are in this camp…*  * I am*

So here’s a video for y’all.

There you have it…

And today, I almost lashed out in anger, but after hitting the first send button, it asked if I was sure… and I said …


No.  Hit delete and it’s gone…

This is a record for me.  I intentionally asked myself what the hell was going on in my head, and why..

And without actually making any sense, I managed to go from screaming mad and seeing red targets on everything, to simply being frustrated at the situation and looking for a solution to it all.

I’m hoping this is the start of a new trend in my life,  here’s to calm collected reasoning.


God Bless, and hang in there, we’re not making much sense right now but it’ll get better.


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Corruptor – Jason Cordova

First thing, it’s been a while since I read a book, sorry, make that a good book that kept me up half the night more than once…

Thus, right off the top I have to mention the book that I actually bought from Fictionwise.  Corruptor by Jason Cordova

Here`s a picture.

Here this is a link to the writer`s blog, from there you can get to all kinds of places.

Here`s the direct link to the Amazon purchase page.

Here is a direct link to the Fictionwise site for purchase

In complete disclosure, I bought it from Fictionwise, as it`s only seven dollars rather than the sixteen at Amazon, but if you like a good feel of a book, filled with one hell of a story then please, go by the book in paper format.  I just dont`have more space, so I`m exploiting the ability of my phone to read e-books, and it works great.

I`m kinda unclear as to where else to go from here.  I was hoping to do up a proper review, but that`ll take a day or two more, I`ve never done one before so I`m not real clear where to start.  I`m going to have to read all kinds of actual reviews before I`m comfortable trying to write my own.

I guess I`ll shut this one down and get back to useful work.



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