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Friar Tuck, The Rogue Bishop, and of course Some guys in tights.


First, right up front, I was hoping to have pictures for this one, but that’s just not happened yet, so I shall forge ahead undaunted.

Now, a brain is a funny thing. Not funny as in comedic, but funny as in unusual.  How does your brain work?  Mine works fairly well, managing things most days without too much trouble at all, then some days it’s like trying to hold onto a kite in a hurricane.  And some days, well some days it’s like trying to ride a bicycle through a manure pile.

What does this have to do with the title you ask?  Well, not much so far, but stick with me.

I go to church, my family and I try to make it there weekly.  That may all change soon if the selected members of the congregation don’t stop giving me grief about my kids, and how disruptive they are, but that’s another post, one I might do up later because it’s bugging me…  maybe.

Anyhow, back to topic, we’re sitting in church, and my four year old asks if our current priest is little like Friar Tuck.  Now this is not as bad as it sounds.  The previous priest we had was quite literally as old as the church itself, older in fact. And he was a wonderful guy, Father Boyd had originally come from somewhere up north, I’ll try to do up a post honoring him in the near future.  But as all things do, his time to pass had come, *sadness, much sadness, he is missed*

But then the rogue bishop (ok, he’s not really a rogue bishop, but he is a bishop, and he’s nowhere near as boring and official as one might expect of a bishop)  appointed Fr. Tony Ackerman to our parish.  Fr. Tony (as he’s preferring to be called) is quite simply absolutely nothing like Fr. Boyd.  He’s had a rough start of it here, with councils forming only to explode in his face, the catholic women’s league giving him grief, and all kinds of other things.

Personally I think this sucks.  Really.  Why can’t we all just get along peacefully?  Some people are just not cut out to do so I suppose, be peaceful that is.  But one positive thing that came out of this is that Fr. Tony has really started to show some individual initiative.  His _spirit_ is coming out to shine as it were.

And the reason for the title.  When my lady commented about the Friar Tuck’ness of Fr. Tony, I started thinking about it.

She’s right.  Kinda.  While there is no belligerent disrespect for the established order (much the mainstay of Fr. Tuck’s  character profile), the daily love of life, and all things joyous is more than evident.  In short, he seems to try to pick up on the positive aspects of things, to find the good in all stuff, and to highlight it.

I can pray that he becomes more comfortable in his own oration skills (speeches read from a prepared sheet work, but with patience, practice and persistence he could be so much better of a speaker) and that he becomes more adept at negotiating the reefs of bloodthirsty individuals that are constantly harping on about things to him, but as a guy who’s charged with bringing the word of God to us on a daily and weekly basis, I think we could do worse than to have a Friar Tuck in charge of the parish.

Oh, and about the guys in tights, well, that would be the individuals that are wearing their britches too tight and can’t seem to relax and just get along, making things work, so they complain and whine until something is done.  See the comment above about “Bloodthristy Individuals.”

I know this has been an odd post, but such is life.  Preach on Fr. Tony.


Dan Casey.

PS.  I’m not trying to convert anybody here, if you don’t like church, or disagree, feel free not to show up on Sunday, but if you do show up, be ready to sing, my boys are.

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Planet Bound


This is a reply to the post originally found over here>>>
Were things better in the past?  No, different yes, but not better.  Maybe quieter, and less polluted, depending on how far back we go.
Competition is good for what it was used for, small scale stuff like getting things made better faster and more efficiently, but I’m going to have to agree with you on the flip of that coin.  Without Co-operation we’re not going to be given the chance by the Galactic Federation (everyone saw “The Day the Earth Stood Still, right?)  Ok, maybe they won’t wipe us out, but letting us come play in their back yard?  Probably not.

So, if [BIG IF] we manage to do something right and clean up our personal relations (realizing all humans are humans and mostly equal is a good start, if we can keep that progress) and then get our act together before we eradicate ourselves from the planet, then working together we might just be able to get our collective butts off the planet…

Dang, now I’ve gotta go write another short story before it drives me nuts….  (muttering to self >>  Conflict, national govt’s mostly working together, somebody’s trying to rig game….  sigh)
Dan Casey

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