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On Writing, and Not Writing

Let’s start by stating the nature of today’s post… with a statement.

Today is about why I’m not further ahead, a listing of all the things I am doing on a daily basis that keep me from getting the writing I want to do, done!





Yep, that’s it.  I procrastinate, lots!

Here’s some of my favorite procrastination points.

Reading – Blogs, E-Mail, Books, etc, etc.

Cuddling – wife, kids, very rarely the cats….  (very rarely, cat’s and I don’t mix well)

Facebook – GAH!  huge timewaster. Should name it

Facebook Games

—-League of Heros 2 Beta

—-Dawn of the Dragons

—-Legacy of A Thousand Suns

—-I’m sure there’s more, but these are the three worst… really!

Oh and Writing.Com, that’s a good timesink as well, it’s just that I can justify it by saying I’m learning.

And one final point, I managed to procrastinate this week about writing, by hunting down more things to write about…  go figure.


Cheers, gotta fly,





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Life Lesson #16

First, a disclaimer- This is from the book I’m reading “How to be Happy Dammit!” by Karen Salmansohn  (I’d buy copies for everybody I know, but I can’t afford it, so here’s the link to Amazon, I’d highly recommend reading it or even buying it.!  It’s funny, relevant and often painfully insightful.

And now, a direct excerpt from pages 100 – 103

Life Lesson #16

The Real Secret to Happiness – in 3 words.

1- Rationalize

2- Rationalize

3- Rationalize

You find it’s helpful to lie to yourself about your past pain . . . and all the rotten things that have happened to you.  And it’s only fair — since everyone else is lying to you too anyway.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Well, Achem, remember this is a cynic’s guide to spiritual happiness.

You decide to see . . . equals.

Your enemies = your teachers.

Your failure = your wisdom.

Your mistakes = your lucky discoveries.

Your conflicts – your growth opportunities.

Your undesired endings = your desirable beginnings.

Your grapes of wrath = your raisons d’etre.

Your painful feelings = your proud proof that you are dealing with your feelings — Head on!


** and there’s a freebee bonus benefit to doing the above [equality formulation] . . .


You begin to be less judgmental about your: rage, fear, pain, conflict, and disappointments.


That’s it.  The whole lesson, and I’m going to leave it there.  I’d go into how it impacted me, but the fact that I’ve taken the time to re-type it all here, as well as hunting down the purchase link, should be indication.  The whole book is worth it.  Personally I stumbled across it in the library, lucky for me.

Hope you have an awesome day!

Cheers, I’ve gotta get back to work here.  Dan.

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