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On Writing, and Not Writing

Let’s start by stating the nature of today’s post… with a statement.

Today is about why I’m not further ahead, a listing of all the things I am doing on a daily basis that keep me from getting the writing I want to do, done!





Yep, that’s it.  I procrastinate, lots!

Here’s some of my favorite procrastination points.

Reading – Blogs, E-Mail, Books, etc, etc.

Cuddling – wife, kids, very rarely the cats….  (very rarely, cat’s and I don’t mix well)

Facebook – GAH!  huge timewaster. Should name it

Facebook Games

—-League of Heros 2 Beta

—-Dawn of the Dragons

—-Legacy of A Thousand Suns

—-I’m sure there’s more, but these are the three worst… really!

Oh and Writing.Com, that’s a good timesink as well, it’s just that I can justify it by saying I’m learning.

And one final point, I managed to procrastinate this week about writing, by hunting down more things to write about…  go figure.


Cheers, gotta fly,





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Hi everybody.  First a quick explanation, then the picture I have for you.

I was heading out to the car this morning, and after starting the frigid lump of steel, hoping that it would warm up, I went back to put the garbage out for pickup.  Not usually a bid deal, but it’s up the other side deck over the perpetual snow-drift we have here from Fall to Spring.  My boys are kind enough to tramp a path back and forth to the side deck through/over/around this snowdrift, so it’s not too bad hiking through it.

But this morning I had to go back to that spot just off of said deck, because I realized there was something of note there.  My youngest, Aidan, was playing outside last night when we got home (so was Connor), and in playing he had forgotten to put away his toys.  Now, remember, he has no preset ideas about what is a proper winter toy, so here is what he was doing yesterday in the snow, in full snow-gear, in the dark, at minus 10 C.

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The deteriorating value in public education – Part 1


I know this post will upset some of you, and will bolster others, but it’s been bugging me for ages.  Make that about seven years now.

It’s school. We all went through it, (some might still be there, for other’s it’s a long past memory).

To defend myself from the incipient attacks, I was born in 1976, no earlier.  And second, I don’t believe in “The good old days” any more than I can throw them…

That being said, I am despairing at the state of our current public education system.  (Right, for those who don’t live here, Canada has mandatory public education until a student reaches sixteen years of age, or grade ten).

Now, I have a thirteen year old son, and two toddlers that are heading into this fine institution.  Naturally the two youngest aren’t as affected by my fears thus far, but the teenager is right in the middle of things.

First, I can applaud the efforts of the faculty and administration to remove negative influences and violence from our schools and keep it away from our children.  I’m ALRIGHT with that.    BUT!  Yes that was a but.  BUT when it becomes mandatory for a child to not stand up for themselves peacefully, when it is required of a child to merely accept the attacks of others, and if they do defend themselves, they are then the one’s who are punished?  How does that makes sense?

So, no more bullying = good thing

But where does the enforcement come into this?  Teachers rely on students to report errant behavior, but those same students are being pressured into not reporting…  and so the circle begins…


Second major issue.  The Dumbing down of the public school system…

I’ll just leave a couple of points here, then I’ll come back to this one tomorrow.

When did producing legible handwriting (or even lettering) become an optional thing?  And when did the availability of computational aids mean that students are allowed to stop thinking?  I have a thirteen year old child who takes longer to do his math questions on a calculator than I can to them with pencil  and paper.  Not to mention that the questions he is being faced with in Grade 8 math are the same one’s I was required to do hundreds of in Grade 6.

Ok, I’m going to go calm down now and come back to this topic tomorrow.

Good night everybody.

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Friar Tuck, The Rogue Bishop, and of course Some guys in tights.


First, right up front, I was hoping to have pictures for this one, but that’s just not happened yet, so I shall forge ahead undaunted.

Now, a brain is a funny thing. Not funny as in comedic, but funny as in unusual.  How does your brain work?  Mine works fairly well, managing things most days without too much trouble at all, then some days it’s like trying to hold onto a kite in a hurricane.  And some days, well some days it’s like trying to ride a bicycle through a manure pile.

What does this have to do with the title you ask?  Well, not much so far, but stick with me.

I go to church, my family and I try to make it there weekly.  That may all change soon if the selected members of the congregation don’t stop giving me grief about my kids, and how disruptive they are, but that’s another post, one I might do up later because it’s bugging me…  maybe.

Anyhow, back to topic, we’re sitting in church, and my four year old asks if our current priest is little like Friar Tuck.  Now this is not as bad as it sounds.  The previous priest we had was quite literally as old as the church itself, older in fact. And he was a wonderful guy, Father Boyd had originally come from somewhere up north, I’ll try to do up a post honoring him in the near future.  But as all things do, his time to pass had come, *sadness, much sadness, he is missed*

But then the rogue bishop (ok, he’s not really a rogue bishop, but he is a bishop, and he’s nowhere near as boring and official as one might expect of a bishop)  appointed Fr. Tony Ackerman to our parish.  Fr. Tony (as he’s preferring to be called) is quite simply absolutely nothing like Fr. Boyd.  He’s had a rough start of it here, with councils forming only to explode in his face, the catholic women’s league giving him grief, and all kinds of other things.

Personally I think this sucks.  Really.  Why can’t we all just get along peacefully?  Some people are just not cut out to do so I suppose, be peaceful that is.  But one positive thing that came out of this is that Fr. Tony has really started to show some individual initiative.  His _spirit_ is coming out to shine as it were.

And the reason for the title.  When my lady commented about the Friar Tuck’ness of Fr. Tony, I started thinking about it.

She’s right.  Kinda.  While there is no belligerent disrespect for the established order (much the mainstay of Fr. Tuck’s  character profile), the daily love of life, and all things joyous is more than evident.  In short, he seems to try to pick up on the positive aspects of things, to find the good in all stuff, and to highlight it.

I can pray that he becomes more comfortable in his own oration skills (speeches read from a prepared sheet work, but with patience, practice and persistence he could be so much better of a speaker) and that he becomes more adept at negotiating the reefs of bloodthirsty individuals that are constantly harping on about things to him, but as a guy who’s charged with bringing the word of God to us on a daily and weekly basis, I think we could do worse than to have a Friar Tuck in charge of the parish.

Oh, and about the guys in tights, well, that would be the individuals that are wearing their britches too tight and can’t seem to relax and just get along, making things work, so they complain and whine until something is done.  See the comment above about “Bloodthristy Individuals.”

I know this has been an odd post, but such is life.  Preach on Fr. Tony.


Dan Casey.

PS.  I’m not trying to convert anybody here, if you don’t like church, or disagree, feel free not to show up on Sunday, but if you do show up, be ready to sing, my boys are.

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The Last Sunset

Just a quick post, a picture, then some reminiscing comments from me.

But first, the pictures.

More focused shot of the last sunset of 2010

The last Sunset of 2010. Driving home, just had to stop and snap this one.

Kaitlen at her granny's house before the New Year's party at Aunty 'ree's.

Kaitlen at her granny's house before the New Year's party at Aunty 'ree's.

Aidan, Connor and Keira, all playing nice at Granny's house before the New Year's party at Auntie 'ree's.



Ok, so that’s about it for the year, the party/visit went well, and now we’re home with a couple of sleeping little boys, it’s half an hour local time to the moment, and there’s a couple of things I need to have down before I get to next year.

1- see the previous post.  I’m aiming at a postaday2011.  Meaning one post per day.  I’ve figured out how to do so from my phone, so no excuses..  no guarantees on when each day, but it’ll be here, even if it’s only photos and captions, it’ll be here.

2-  Caffiene is out for the year, Lent was tricky but I managed it even with tax season and courses, etc.

3- Alcohol is out for the year, this should be easier as I am not a real big drinker anyhow.

4- I want this house done by this time next year and listed to sell, or hopefully sold so that we can move to a better place closer to work.

5- I will finish and start submitting at least two of the novels I’m working on, as well as at least six novellas for the course of 2011.  That’s six months each for the novels, and two months per novella.  I think I can, but if I don’t start, I’ll never know.

6- I will love my wife each and every day.

7- I will try to start getting at least five and a half hours of sleep each night.

8- Lunchtimes are for walking, walk fast, walk far, and get my butt out of that chair.

9- Make a habit of telling bedtime stories to my little boys, just have to figure out how to start spinning yarns instead of writing them down.

10- Umm.. stop making dumb lists that I don’t follow, so starting with this one, if I list it, I need to at least try to do it.

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What happens when you put your moving truck in Reverse?

Yup, I actually did that yesterday.  Can we say dense as granite.

I’ve been using the transmission of my automatic truck to slow the massive beast down, trying to save what’s left of my brakes until I can afford to fix them (that’s today), but last night I was having an absent moment…

I was moving down the highway at about 75 kph, and I shifted down from Drive into …

Dum, Dum dum……

You guessed it, REVERSE.  (not a good thing)


After lots of screeching, grinding and such I got the transmission back up into neutral, at which point the truck died on the side of the road…  Ticking….

I’ll leave you for a moment to consider just how bad this might be…..

(this pic is not mine, click it to visit where it came from)







Thought about it much yet?

Well, the truck seemed to be fine, once I got it started and moving again.  The burnt metal smell finally dispersed.

Yesterday just wasn’t worth getting out from under the rock.  I just switched trucks for today, running the old rusty dodge for a while now….

And on that note, I suppose I’ll get back to work here…  Until later when I’m feeling more like talking about something important…


A parting thought:  If the US is politically opposed to the (now disbanded) Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union is a Socialist State,

Does that make the US Policy makers Anti-Socialists?


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