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The Campaign

Tyrel patted the munitions, eying his enemy’s fortifications with trepidation. Winter battles were tricky, the cold was the worst at first, but then as the battle dragged out and the casulalities mounted, then things got really bad.

“Incoming!” Sarah’s voice from the far end of the wall sounded panicked. She was usually so calm and collected that to hear her like this shook Tyrel’s nerve more than any single attack could.

“I’m coming Sarah!” Breathless, Tyrel scrambled out of his foxhole, darting furtively through the night like a flittering snowflake.
The last month or so had seen a running series of battles, some were lost but most of the time he and his team of crack commando’s had won the day.
Pressing forward with each victory, they had just about rounded up and cleaned up every last one of these blasted invaders, but this last battle was going slowly. His star had set, the enemy had better munitions and more manpower although where the extra bodies came from was anyone’s guess. This battle was going to be close.

“Sarah! I’m here, you ok?” Tyrel checked to make sure she was still breathing, heaving a sigh of relief when he saw the frosty puffs of steam from each breath she let out. As he sat there looking at her, he couldn’t help but wonder about other settings. What would it be like to catch her under the mistletoe?

“Yeah, they’ve just got us pinned, we can’t move up to fire back. Each time we do they get closer to taking one of us out.”

“Alright. Give me a minute.” Tyrel thought carefully about the situation.

A voice called out from the distance…

“Kids, hot chocolate’s ready, come in and warm up before bed!”

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