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story idea, wonder if I'll ever come back to it?

So heres’ the idea, it’s a duality type of thing, kinda like the courts of chaos series, but it’s not really.
Umm  the backstory is a science experiment gone horribly wrong, and the dual or multiple universe theory, diverging realitys and different lines of reality (choice means split options, now we have two tracks)
So the science theory is that teh experiement changed the phaze variance of the individuals, and now they’re fighting each other, there are two good factions, three or four neutral that can be played and about ten bad guys trying to capitalize on the whole thing.  It’s really going to be a lot of fun, especially with the characters interacting, I wonder how it’s all going to end up.  Oh and an additional twist, each of these teams can play the game without trying, but the people who weren’t changed by the experiment, they’re now the pawns in a really really big game, the end move is absolute control of a reversal of the experiment some time in teh future, when other scientists can make it all better, because the inherent problem with the phaze shift is that they’re drifting apart, now it’s harder and harder to translate across and harder and harder to get back, so eventually there will be a no return point…
Ok, I’m done, I’ve now 1.5 min over the limit and sitting at 240 words.


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