Whom Iz I? I iz him…

So, yep, that goofy looking guy above is me.  The first is when I was down in the big Wet with my [now] 10 year old, we’re looking out over the ocean together.  The second is the only valid headshot I have of me so far, going to have to fix that.  I don’t do social well, or cameras well, I’m not very good at it.  Keyboards are so much easier to handle than my own vocal chords.

I am married for a second time, I picked wrong the first time, but won the lottery this time around, and the truth is you probably know my wife and only marginally know I exist, I don’t talk much until I really get to know you, being as how I’m introverted and all that, this paragraph took ages to re-work until I could let it be.

Ok, as much as I love them, enough with logistics, on to the details.

I dream, I often dream big, REALLY Big,

Wanna fix up an old truck so it’s gotta be a crew cab lifted 4×4 with a 500 HP diesel monster motor.
Wanna build a boat, so I find plans for a 65′ Catamaran that looks like it’ll do, (why build a 10 runabout? won’t hold my whole family!)
Wanna build a house, floorplans show about 4000 square feet, vaulted ceilings, massive stone fireplaces, etc, etc.  (maybe a castle, that’d be cool)

Get the idea?

Ok, now I’ve decided to write. *mad grin here*
And I’ve found out I like it, really really enjoy it at a deep visceral level. I’m pretty sure what I’m writing right now is absolutely horrible, and most other writers probably feel the same way, we’re wired strange like that.

There was originally no real objective, I just liked to write, and doing so kept me sane.
With the advent of Amazon KDP and other such programs, publishing seems more possible these days.

So, well, yeah.  I’m odd, so is much of my off the cuff writing, and if I preach too much for your liking, stop reading.

I believe in God, I am a regular church-going Catholic, and if you believe different that’s your option, but don’t expect me to change.  I promise I won’t try to convert you by any means other than example and faith.


See you last Wednesday.

Daniel Oliver Casey (DOC)

I’ve got profiles elsewhere as well, FB and Linked In, that kind of thing, drop me a line, I’m not shy, just introverted.  If I think of it I’ll update this page with links to those pages, but usually these things feed the other way around, from social media to author blogs.


  1. #1 by Tricia on January 30, 2014 - 1:53 pm

    Hi Daniel, I am reading ALANON material and have for several years. My husband just started AA, the day after Christmas this year and not missed a meeting. Praise God! In my readings, I read a grean leather and on page 185 it talked about stumbling blocks and stepping stones. For the life of me I don’t know the name of the book. I have many notes from the reading and the only reference is “Green Book” lol. Areyou able to tell me the name of the book so I can find again?
    Thank you so much and BTW your blog is amazing!!! Blessings to you and your lovely family.
    PS my search for “page 185 stumbling blocks or stepping stones” brought me to your site.

    July 3rd – p.185

    Somebody once said: The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is in how you use them.

    It’s a comforting thought that nobody can put stumbling blocks in my way because I’m learning how to use them to step on as I progress to a saner way of living.

    There’s no discounting the troubles caused by alcoholism — they’re big and terrifying. But I can refuse to let them block my path. I can imagine that each is one of the Twelve Steps. At least I have God’s gift of sobriety to help me, unlike the sick alcoholic who is tripped up again and again by a built-in stumbling block!

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